Inspire Europe with crowd-based ideas!

  • Feedback- und Einreichphase
    Ergebnis: 18 Einreichungen
    von 20.05. bis 07.08.16

    Share your ideas and discuss with other community members. During this phase you can always change your ideas. Don't forget to update your idea-content according to interesting feedback!
  • Community Bewertungsphase
    von 08.08. bis 16.08.16
    81 battles von 5 Benutzer

    Go to the Arena and vote for the 20 best ideas in our pairwise comparison! The more votes you give, the better.
  • Fachgruppe Entscheidungsphase
    von 17.08. bis 26.08.16

    In this phase, our expert jury will choose the 10 best ideas that will be invited for the Crowd Dialog Europe 2016 happening in Graz on September 8, 2016!

Quick Info

Share your ideas for Crowd Funding, Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Innovation

  • TOP 10-ideas: 10 tickets for the Crowd Dialog 2016
  • 1st place: Return ticket and accomodation for the event
  • 2nd place: 1x Sunny BAG FACTION
  • 3rd place: 1x Zipp-Hut (Zip-Hat)

EU Commission

Crowd Dialog Europe

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Inspire Europe with crowd-based ideas!

This challenge gathers inspiring ideas and examples on a wide range of subjects that reflect crowd-based disruption for Europe. Share, inspire and provoke ideas that matter!

Background: On 8thSeptember 2016 the Crowd Dialog Europe will take place in Graz, Austria.In the light of this event, the European Commission organizes a work shop in the afternoon of September 7, where your most inspiring ideas and examples will be presented, discussed and potentially followed up.

Specific challenges:

Crowd Funding

  • Is Crowd Funding on the cusp of becoming mainstream? What are main challenges?
  • How will future alternative financing models in Europe look like?

Crowd Sourcing

  • How will Crowd Sourcing, i.e. the collaboration in between heterogeneous people impact the future of work in Europe?
  • Is Crowd Sourcing evolving to a key practices upon which our economy is built?

Crowd Innovation

  • How can we leverage transparency and collaboration in between the European crowds to unleash cross-border opportunities?
  • How can we foster crowd driven innovation in Europe?

Why should you participate?

  • Engage the dialogue in Europe and become part of the community of relevant thought leaders from the 28 European Member States.
  • Contribute to the growth and development of a disruptive and agile crowd-based ecosystem in Europe!
  • Inspire crowdfunding experts, EU policymakers, Entrepreneurs and Academia etc. to discuss how crowd-based solutions can impact Europe.


The TOP 10 ideas voted by the Jury will receive a ticket for the Crowd Dialog 2016 in Graz.

The TOP 3 ideas voted by the Jury will be invited to

Additional prizes (sponsored by the EU commission and our regional partners; further prizes might come up along the challenge):

1st place: Travel-expenses (return-ticket; May 7th-8th) and accomodation (May 7th-8th) to the Crowd Dialog 2016 in Graz for the duration of the event.  

2nd place: 1x Sunny BAG FACTION - harvest sun energy whereever you go and charge your mobile devices with this innovative Stryrian product made by Sunny BAG!

3rd place: 1x Zipp-Hut (Zip-Hat) - Kepka is a unique millinery from Graz, manufacturing beautiful hats; the "Zipp-Hut" is one of their newest creations.


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    Max Weichert
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    Hannes Kollross


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    Joachim Schwerin
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    Reinhard Willfort

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