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Hot loop + ambient line + servo metering pump

Details of idea

von tiemenv  |  am 7. Oktober 2014 - 16:59  |  
Teilnahme am Wettbewerb InnovationCamp 2014: LAM Research (Öffentlich)


Perhaps an elaboration or modification of Reinhold Lamb‘s idea for 2 separate fluid loops at 80 & 30 degrees

You can keep the current recirculating loop, set at the max temp of 80C. As it is continuously recirculating loop, there is no standby fluid at a wrong temperature.

Instead of adding a second recirculating loop at 30C, it would be simpler to keep the second tank at ambient temperature, and then a simple straight feeding line can be used. Less plumbing, less equipment, less risk of leaks, etc.

Accurate temperature control of the mixed fluids can be done by metering pumps, which can be electronically controlled with temp sensors on the input and/or output sides. In this way, with the same system, both the ratio (resulting in the specific temperature) and the total flow can be fully and accurately controlled by each PoU individually.

A variety of high accuracy metering pumps, also for aggressive fluids, are available for electronic control (LDP, Peristatlic, Membrane pumps).

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