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Individual PoU steam injection

Details of idea

von tiemenv  |  am 8. Oktober 2014 - 21:45  |  
Teilnahme am Wettbewerb InnovationCamp 2014: LAM Research (Öffentlich)


The elboration question from Alois for the thermoblock heaters got me thinking further. Due to the high rate of energy exchange that would be needed at PoU, as well as the chemical resistance issues of the heaters, perhaps steam heating could be the perfect option.

Steam is a very effective heat transfer medium, since it stores a lot of energy in the phase change and can release that very quickly upon condensation. It could be generated and stored in a central location, to keep hardware & space to a minimum.

Since all of the solutions are aqueous based, the steam could potentially be directly injected into the fluid, greatly enhancing efficiency & speed. In this way, there is also no issue for special materials or coatings, since just the regular pipes used today can be used

Of course, there would be some dilution by the steam. Hopefully, the downstream system is not sensitive to this.

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