InnovationCamp 2014: LAM Research

  • Feedback- and Submission Phase
    Result: 22 Submissions
    from 30.08. until 09.10.14

  • Community Voting Phase
    from 10.10. until 16.10.14
    135 battles from 8 users

  • Jury Voting Phase
    from 18.10. until 29.10.14

Quick Info

Alternative solutions for heating and temperature-control of liquids in motion.

1.-3. Platz:

  • 100,- EUR Preisgeld
  • Ticket zum Innovationskongress (Wert: 696,- EUR)
  • Chance auf 1.000,- EUR Team-Preisgeld
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New ideas

Snapshot of Wärmetauscher
Snapshot of Individual PoU steam injection
Snapshot of Hot loop + ambient line + servo metering pump



We want your ideas for InnovationCamp 2014! The winning submissions will be developed in to prototypes in professionally supervised workshops.
LAM Research wants to know: "How can liquid chemicals be heated to a constant but arbitrary temperature, on demand?" - Detailed problem statement and boundary conditions

Lam Research is one of the leading manufacturers of semi conductor fabrication equipment. Our state of the art equipment enables our customers to build smaller, faster and more powerful electronical devices. This year, Lam Research has decided to solicit ideas from you that can be incorporated in to our products.

The task
We’re inviting everyone with ideas on how to regulate the temperature of fluids as they are being pumped through a system. The detailed problem statement is very specific.  We’re inviting experts from the related fields of chemical and process engineering as well as  control theory to take up the challenge. We are, however, also extending the challenge to people with experience from other areas with similar problems.

What we’re looking for

Both new and alternative solutions for the heating and temperature control of fluids in motion as well as specific solutions to the problem that fulfill all requirements.

Lam Research employees will assist in the development and evaluation of the ideas. Please describe your ideas with text, sketches, diagrams or links to relevant information. The Ideaboard platform supports .jpg and .png file formats.

Timelines and conditions for participation can be found here.


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