Wissenschaftspreis - Universitäten/Fachhochschulen

Terms and Conditions to the Challenge "Wissenschaftspreis - Universitäten/Fachhochschulen"

All ideas submitted until the end of the feedback phase, and those ideas which are in the idea pool and are connected with the competition, will take part in the evaluation phase. Participation is exclusively possible via the platform Neurovation.net and its subdomains. Submissions in another form will not be accepted.

The presenter of the competition does not take any responsibility with respect to the competition; in particular there is no guarantee of a permanent functioning of the platform www.neurovation.net and its subdomains. The names of the winners and their ideas will be published on the websites of the presenter of this competition and on the websites of Neurovation GmbH in connection with the announcement of the official end result.

The participation is free of cost and voluntary and is open to all users. The number of entries per participant is not limited. Legal recourse is excluded. The winners will be notified four weeks at the latest after the end of the ideas competition. The remittance of the prize money and the delivery of the non-cash prizes will take place after the bank account details and the delivery address, respectively, have been disclosed. The bank account details and/or the delivery address must be disclosed within four weeks after the winners have been notified. If the presenter of the competition does not receive any response within this time span, the entitlement to the prize(s) expires. The non-cash prizes are non-redeemable.

The presenter of the competition reserves the right to extend the time span of the competition. Furthermore, the presenters as well as Neurovation GmbH reserve their rights to immediately exclude users from participation if they infringe upon penal law, morality or these terms and conditions.

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